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Auto Insurance Buying Guide

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We all agree that insurance isn’t the most exciting facet of owning a car, but it is one of the most important. Your policy is designed to protect you from financial calamity in the event of a collision or related injury, and insurance coverage is needed by most states if you want to register a car.

It is essential that you shop around for the bets policy, not only when you buy a car but also every few years. This action goes a long way in making sure you’re always getting the best deal possible.

To get cheap car insurance quotes, it helps to understand what attributes insurers consider when they formulate your monthly premiums. They include the following factors:

Driver Profile

Age, driving experience, and driver history can all influence the cost of your premium. And this doesn’t come as a surprise since the auto insurance company may put you in a higher risk category. The addition of a teen driver also has the potential to raise the cost of your policy in ways you could never have imagined before.

Credit History

Most states allow auto insurance companies to factor in a customer’s credit score into their rates. Insurers maintain that credit history is a good indicator of the risk that they’ll have to shell out for insurance claims. In other states, improving your credit score will certainly go a long way in helping you get a better rate.

External Conditions

Traffic conditions, local weather patterns, and other factors that increase the likelihood of claims will always lead to higher rates. For instance, if damaging storms in your area have generated lots of auto insurance claims in the past, your insurer may apply to your state’s insurance regulator for an across-the-board rate increase to reflect its increased exposure to that specific risk. Drivers residing in areas with higher rates of collisions are also likely to spend more on their policy.

By factoring in the above and other tips, rest in knowing you stand a better chance of finding  cheap car insurance quotes while shopping around.

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