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XTERRA TR150 vs TR260: Which is Better?

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XTERRA’s treadmills enjoy a significant following among individuals looking for the best commercial and home fitness products. The company is known to manufacture well-built and fold up to provide more storage when not in use. Not to mention the fact that they offer extensive warranties on their treadmills.

One of the most hotly contested discussion by fitness enthusiasts is that of tr150 vs tr260. The XTERRA tr150 folding treadmill is an ideal option for budget conscious individuals and is made with an alloy steel frame for durability. TR260 treadmill, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for those planning to buy a high-quality treadmill in an affordable price range.

In this xterra tr260 and xterra tr150 treadmill review, we will take you through some of the things you should know about these two before choosing one.

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Before buying the TR150 Treadmill, you should know that it comes with an easy-to-read display with a simple and intuitive interface designed to share vital statistics you need such as calories center and front, speed, distance, and time. It helps make your workout more engaging and effective.

Things tend to be somewhat different with the xterra tr260 treadmill, as it boasts preset programs and Bluetooth connectivity (FTMS). To propel your interactive running experience to the next level, the xterra treadmill tr260 allows users to connect the third-party app that tracks their progress.


Comfort is something you can never skimp on when searching for the best treadmill to buy.  The same applies to both the XTERRA tr150 and xterra tr 260 treadmill. Regardless of the option you choose to go with, be rest assured it will always work to your advantage. After all, both these treadmills come with cushioned deck tech to guarantee maximum absorption and keep you comfortable and joints safe.


You want to have an easy time when using your XTERRA treadmill. No wonder it is always a crucial consideration while comparing these two. Checking out XTERRA Treadmill TR150 review, you will notice that it is highly durable and rated for users with a weight of 250 lb. with built-in transport wheels.

While going through xterra tr 260 review, you can attest to the sheer fact that you’ll not encounter any issues since it also has the same belt as that of the XTERRA Fitness TR150 treadmill and can carry 250lb of weight.

The Bottom Line

This XTERRA TR150 and XTERRA tr260 review will definitely come in handy when torn in between these two options. All in all, both treadmills are remarkable and come with various features, making them the ideal option for people.

If running on a tight budget and want to save a few dollars, the budget-friendly TR150 option is certainly worth your attention. But if you are experienced and want a machine for running or heavy jobs, then the XTERRA fitness tr260 folding treadmill will be a better choice.

But before making this all-important purchase decision, always ensure you do your homework and not leave anything behind.

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